Hidden Gem Between the French Riviera & Barcelona

The seafood mediteranean capital

Welcome to the seafood capital of the Mediterranean—where the freshest oysters pair perfectly with exquisite local wines, and every dish is a celebration of the sea. Dive into the heart of Mediterranean cuisine with sun-kissed wines and a bounty of seafood that’s both a feast for the palate and a toast to la dolce vita. Here, life’s simplest pleasures are savored one exquisite bite at a time, under the expansive blue skies. Revel in this culinary paradise where every meal is an ode to joy and the endless blue waters.

A natural sanctuary

Nestled between Sète and Marseillan, the Thau Lagoon is a vibrant sanctuary teeming with an extraordinary array of marine life, including seahorses, giant clams, sea urchins, and numerous fish species such as sea bass and gilt-head breams. This underwater paradise also supports a rich variety of bird life, with flamingos, herons, and rare African bee-eaters gracing its shores. Crucially, the lagoon is the heart of Mediterranean oyster farming, supplying 90% of the region’s oysters from the prestigious Maison Tarbouriech.

Nautical Legacy

The heart of Marseillan beats to the rhythm of nautical traditions and watersports.

Sailing, with the expertise of Glénans Méditerranée, the leading French sailing school, jousting tournaments, and “Lou Capelet” are part of the city’s nautical heritage.

Engaging in thrilling watersports such as kitesurfing, windsurfing, foiling, paddleboarding, or kayaking will give you a feeling of being in perfect harmony with the Mediterranean.

Cultural heritage

The Occitanie region boasts a vibrant cultural heritage, featuring landmarks like the Cathar Castles and serene Valmagne and Fontfroide Abbeys. Notable UNESCO World Heritage Sites include the fortified city of Carcassonne, the majestic Pont du Gard, and the historic Canal du Midi. This area is also renowned for its diverse landscapes, from the Pyrenees mountains to the Mediterranean coast, which offer a backdrop to its rich history and contribute to its unique local cuisine and wines.


Port Marseillan creates an environment for self-discovery, personal growth, and connection with nature, using physical exercise, mindful practices, and eco-friendly products. By incorporating elements of the French and Mediterranean way of life, it offers a unique and enriching experience that rejuvenates both body and soul.

Acces with convenience

The nearest airport, Béziers-Cap d’Agde, is only 20 minutes away, whilst five international airports are within an hour’s drive of the resort. Paris can be reached by high-speed TGV in 4 hours, and Barcelona is just two hours away.

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