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Specialized in creating tourist destinations, Propriétés & Co merges long-term family investment expertise with real estate development. Initially focused on heritage renovation, our activity is now shifting towards luxurious resorts, operated by renowned hoteliers. We are committed to integrating our projects within their natural, cultural, social, and economic environments… all while capitalizing on the genius loci of each site and adopting a “glocal” approach

Our passion lies in crafting destinations that awaken the soul of a place. We anticipate the desires of our clients while considering environmental factors, as well as the deep-seated history connected to the land.

Slow life architects is an international studio based in Barcelona, stablished in 2014 to be focused on delivering excellence through knowledge and creativity in international tourism destinations, exclusive resort & hotels, urban integrated communities, branded architecture and innovative leisure equipment’s

“We were inspired by the unique atmosphere of the village, the traditional vineyard houses, and the chic ambiance of the port. The atmosphere is natural and relaxed.”

Joan Balagué – Slow Life Architects



A painter by training, a dedicated traveler, and a natural-born interior designer, Lázaro Rosa Violán finds inspiration everywhere. His eclectic style allows him to blend and reinterpret trends from both the past and the present. In 2002, he opened his own studio and, within a few years, achieved remarkable growth, building an impressive client portfolio and gaining undeniable media impact. With more than 200 projects worldwide, we can mention Amazonico in London, La Paloma in Ibiza, Can Vent in Formentera, Soho House in Barcelona, St Regis in Mallorca, SHA Wellness Clinic in Alicante, Raffles in Warsaw, Maison Delano in Miami, Fairmount in Seattle, Edition in Barcelona, and Louis Vuitton in Paris. In 2013, Lázaro was honored by Architectural Digest Spain as the Top Interior Designer in Europe and, for the fifth consecutive year, has been one of the top 100 Global Interior Designers by Architectural Digest Collectors France.


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