The Residences at Port Marseillan Resort and Spa


The apartments boast traditional facades, yet unveil contemporary interiors.

Inspired by the traditional winemakers’ houses of
Marseillan, the apartments, ranging from one to two
bedrooms, offer a large space to live and relax in.

The interiors are designed with noble materials such as
wood, French windows, and wrought iron balconies.
Remarkable finishes to create an exceptional atmosphere.

Key features

  • Traditional exterior with contemporary interior, highlighting the elegance and comfort of our apartments.
  • Inspired by Marseillan’s traditional winemakers’ houses, available in one or two-bedroom layouts, providing ample living and relaxation space.
  • Interiors feature noble materials like wood, French windows, and wrought iron balconies, enhancing the exceptional atmosphere with remarkable finishes.
  • Spacious and comfortable terraces maximize enjoyment of the southern light, ideal for hosting guests, combining refinement and functionality.

Living spaces from 50 up to 110 m²

Terraces or balconies

Pool and garden views of the resort

Private entrance